Bloomberg’s Fake News on DUIs and Gun Ownership

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD recently published a piece, “Drivers with DUIs Shouldn’t be Armed” which read: …gun owners with DUI convictions are a discrete and dangerous group. For lawmakers eager to make progress against gun violence, they’re too good a target to ignore. This editorial implies that gun purchasers with a history of a DUI charge cause […]

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-4 .380 ACP Pistol

There are an awful lot of very good choices these days in sub-compact and micro-compact pistols. We’re living in a golden age of concealed carry options designed to appeal to the millions of Americans who now have concealed carry permits or live in constitutional carry states. The fact is, not everyone can or wants to […]

Florida’s Red Flag Law: “A Good Start”

The Tampa Bay Times is touting Florida’s ex parte “red flag” firearm confiscation law. Because of course they are. Florida’s ‘red flag’ gun law saves lives, and it’s a good start. More than 2,600 people in Florida who had no business owning a weapon have had their guns confiscated so far under a state “red […]