Democrats See Beto’s Confiscation Plans as a Threat to Getting the GOP to Agree to Gun Control

The quote of the day is presented by Unpaid Democrat party mouthpiece Chris Cillizza is back, fretting again about the effect Robert Francis O’Rourke’s fire-breathing gun confiscation advocacy is having on Congressional Democrats’ efforts to lure Trump and Republicans into a potentially fatal bargain on gun control about a year from the election. The fact […]

Ted Nugent, Opposing Michigan Deer Bating Ban, Tells Legislators it Will Hurt the Hunting Industry

Arguably the most famously outspoken hunter from the world of music, Ted Nugent is chiming in on Michigan’s deer baiting ban. By Eric Pickhartz Avid hunter and Michigan-born musician Ted Nugent has told Michigan lawmakers that the state’s deer baiting ban will be detrimental to the state’s hunting heritage and business. He spoke in favor of […]

A Visit With French Arms Maker L’Atelier Verney-Carron

The name St. Etienne is synonymous with weapon production. From the middle ages to the present, St. Etienne artisans, gunsmiths and factories have produced countless knives, swords and firearms. These weapons were designed for hunting, self-defense and/or military applications. Verney-Carron is a lens through which one can view St. Etienne’s firearm production. The marriage of […]

Using the Shock Value of School Shootings to Sell Clothes, Solicit Donations

By Jeff McMillan and Mae Anderson – Associated Press In a breezy back-to-school video spot, angelic children describe their beloved new headphones, sneakers, skateboard. Soon, though, a disturbing reality dawns on the viewer: Those cherished new belongings are merely tools to foil a school shooter stalking the children. And in a fashion show last week, […]

Six Reported Shot in Northwest Washington, DC

There are reports of as many as six people shot in an incident tonight in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Northwest Washington, DC, an upscale area of the capitol. The Columbia Heights neighborhood is just north of the White House and media are reporting a huge police response.   Seeing multiple reports of a shooting […]