Reminder: As a Gun Owner, Your Social Media Posts Matter

We’ve all heard the phrase “the internet is forever.” That’s certainly true. Once you put something out there, it’s out there for good. But other things are forever, too, like screenshots and social media histories. In the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old former police cadet currently charged with first degree murder (among other felonies) […]

Wood: Armed Self-Defense Videos Instill a Dangerous, Unrealistic ‘Sheepdog Mentality’

The [self-defense shooting video] channels are not sinister in themselves. [John] Correia combines old-fashioned moralism—including regular reminders that you are accountable to Jesus and the law for every round you fire, and that acts of brutality toward the vulnerable are among the worst you can commit—with extreme violence. I came away from a day with […]

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Extradition to Wisconsin Delayed At Least Until September 25

Much to the chagrin of some, an Illinois judge has delayed the extradition of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse to Wisconsin to give him time to secure private legal representation. Rittenhouse allegedly shot three individuals, killing two and wounding one Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin while under attack during rioting. The extradition hearing is now scheduled to […]

CNN: Anthony Huber Had Nothing but a Skateboard

The latest installment of “what did I just read” comes to us courtesy of CNN. CNN has delivered quite the onslaught of content on what all has gone on in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Now they’ve continued the journalistic excellence with a piece on Anthony Huber, the now-deceased 26-year-old man with a long rap sheet of domestic […]

Gun Review: CMMG Banshee Mk17 9mm Pistol

The CMMG Banshee Mk17 is a brand new entry into the Banshee pistol caliber carbine series, and no, it doesn’t take GLOCK magazines. It takes SIG P320 magazines. The P320 has firmly cemented its place into the gun world by winning the Army’s MHS competition. It’s also being adopted across the country by police forces […]

FPC, SAF Sue California Attorney General Over Firearm Transfer Processing Delays

From the Firearms Policy Coalition: Firearms Policy Coalition and Second Amendment Foundation led a coalition of plaintiffs in suing California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and his Department of Justice to challenge their unlawful firearm transfer delay policy and enforcement practice enacted earlier this year. The case, styled Campos v. Becerra, can be viewed at The […]

Vox: Police Support Armed Citizens As Long As They’re Not Black or Brown

A recent paper by University of Arizona sociologist Jennifer Carlson offers some insight into the police’s behavior. She conducted dozens of hours of interviews about guns with 79 police chiefs in three states — Michigan, California, and Arizona — to try to better understand the way police see armed civilians. Carlson found that police leaders tended […]