‘My EDC Covers Personal Defense, Comms, Survival and Get-home-bag Essentials’: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

I’ve rearranged the daily EDCs to run this — “submission” — from John P. who at 43 years of age, who writes that he is a retired doorkicker.  From Indiana.   Why?  Because the soyboys over at Vox seem to think EDCs have something to do with survivalism/preparedness. He calls it his, and I quote, […]

Legal Gun Owner Stops Virginia Beach 7-11 Robbery in Progress, Killing One Suspect

“One person is dead and another injured after a robbery turned shooting early Thursday morning at a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven. The two men shot were the suspected robbers.” That’s the report from 13newsnow.com about an early morning defensive gun use. Three armed men were out for a night of serial Stop-N-Rob hold-ups in area. They’d […]

This is Why Cars Aren’t Powered by Gunpowder

Have you ever wondered why we don’t use gunpowder to run the internal combustion engine? Neither did we. But the gearheads at Jalopnik apparently have a lot of time on their hands. If gunpowder can get a bullet moving with great speed very quickly, why not a car? Well, it turns out you’d need a lot of […]

Johns Hopkins Arms Campus Cops While Lobbying Against Civilian Gun Ownership

By Larry Keane A recent analysis of the lobbying activity of Johns Hopkins University found a conflict in the institution’s priorities. According to the Baltimore Sun, Hopkins spent $581,000 in the 2019 legislative session in its effort to convince lawmakers to approve an armed police force. This was a 58 percent increase from the prior session spending […]

Save the Second Seeks to Save The NRA, and You Can Help

Save the Second is out to reform the NRA. Lord knows it’s needed. They’re focused on five goals involving amendments to the NRA’s bylaws, and they have the access and the juice to make it happen . . . That is, with a little help from their friends: you, me, and just 248 other petition […]